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Advancing the StoryThe new world of broadcast journalism is all about multimedia. If you’re teaching it, studying it or practicing it, Advancing the Story: Broadcast Journalism in a Multimedia World is for you.

NBC’s John Larson says it offers “sharp advice to journalists trying to get a job, learn one or just plain keep the dang thing.”

“This book is ideal for beginners AND old pros,” says CNN’s Candy Crowley. “It’s a comprehensive how-to, chock full of strategies for journalists in the new age of ‘multi-platforms.’ I learned a lot.”

And Media General’s Dan Bradley says it’s a great tool for newsroom managers. “This book should become a standard in many newsrooms around the country as seasoned, single platform journalists are challenged to break out of their comfort zones and tell their stories using more than just one form of delivery.”

The text is packaged with a unique online workbook that includes video examples and exercises. Here’s a quick video preview:

Advancing the Story, published by CQ Press, lists for $74.95, including a password for the online workbook.  The text alone retails for $57. The workbook alone is $17.95.


Educators can request a review copy directly from CQ Press.  Professional discount available for multiple-copy sales.  Contact Chris O’Brien at CQ Press.


In journalism nothing is more important than accuracy, so we apologize for any errors you may have discovered in our text.

Here’s one error we’ve discovered: the eLearning Opportunities sections at the end of Chapters 9 an 10 are incorrect. They should read as follows:

Chapter 9 – Producing for TV eLearning Opportunities:

  • SKILL BUILDING: Test your producing skills by creating a show rundown from a series of story options. Then see what others have done with the same content.
  • DISCOVER: Check out examples of strong multimedia teases. Analyze how the teases “sell” unique and relevant elements found on another platform.
  • ONGOING STORY: Try your hand at writing a TV and Web tease for this story and then view our broadcast and Web examples.
  • EXPLORE: Visit Web sites for resources to help you produce more compelling newscasts and write better teases.

Chapter 10 –Delivering the News eLearning Opportunities:

  • SKILL BUILDING: Test your delivery by recording challenging copy, and see how marking your script improves the end result.
  • DISCOVER: Check out examples of strong stand-ups and live shots.
  • ONGOING STORY: Try your hand at writing a stand-up bridge for this story, screen our version, and learn more about why it was done this way.
  • EXPLORE: Visit Web sites for resources to help you improve your on-air delivery and write strong stories for print.

If you run across any other inaccuracies while using the text, the online workbook or this blog, let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks!


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  1. Buy it. Read it. Teach it. Use it.

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