Inaugural multimedia

The Washington Post is already up with a very cool interactive map and timeline of President Obama’s inauguration. TimeSpace lets users “experience the events of Inauguration Day through photos, video and text from specific locations.”


Students from the University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism are helping with the Post coverage.  According to the school, all of the journalists working on TimeSpace are equipped with a GPS device making it possible to upload video and photos of the event as it happens with the exact time and location of the coverage.

American University students are contributing to Inauguration Report, a project of CBS News and NPR, along with the people behind TwitterVision.  AU students with Flip cameras are shooting video for the project, which also uses GPS technology to map the location of submissions.  What an amazing opportunity for the students from both schools to have a piece of this story.

There are no doubt dozens of amazing multimedia projects being created today. Let us know of others we should highlight.


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