Stuff journalists like

Jargon.  Bylines.  Swag.  Those are just a few of the items on the list of stuff journalists like on the blog of the same name written by two former newspaper reporters in Colorado.  Denver’s alt-weekly Westword calls the site “hilariously astute and uncomfortably accurate.”

Browse the randomly numbered posts and you’ll stumble across “stuff” that will make you laugh or wince.  The writers not only have the right stuff on the list (coffee, free food, interns) but the right snarky tone, too.  Why do journalists like Twitter?

As fewer and fewer people read actual newspapers, journalists are desperate eager to find new ways to reach readers (even if it’s a handful of them). Journalists and newspapers have tried blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, email updates and almost everything else – save from producing actually better journalism – to try to boost readership. And since twitter doesn’t cost much, newspapers are more than eager to jump on the bandwagon.

Ouch.  Check it out.  [Thanks to Romenesko for the Westword link.]