Best of multimedia 2008

Here’s one year-in-review list you won’t want to toss out with the empties on New Year’s Day.  Poynter’s Regina McCombs has posted links to multimedia projects you may have missed and they’re well worth exploring.

Her categories include map-based storytelling like the Iowa tornado coverage we mentioned here, as well as interactive graphics, video interactives and “games for smart people.”  One game I particularly like is Minnesota Public Radio’s “You be the judge” feature that lets users decide whether challenged ballots in the undecided Coleman-Franken Senate race should be accepted or thrown out.

I also loved the AARP “Best of 1968” interactive, subtitled “the year that rocked our world.”  It might not be wise to admit this but I scored “groovy” on the pop quiz.  Ah yes, I remember it well.  [Anyone who can name the musical that last line comes from should probably take this “50s facts” quiz.]

Happy New Year.