New TV-newspaper partnership

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard news of a network-affiliated television station creating a new partnership with a major daily newspaper, but the Baltimore Sun and CBS-affiliate WJZ-TV in Baltimore are now multimedia partners.

Editor & Publisher reports that the organizations will share story leads and partner on projects, but promotional opportunities and advertising revenue are a big part of the deal.

WJZ will also provide news video to WJZ’s sales team will be responsible for selling advertising inventory within WJZ videos running on

The paper will promote some WJZ stories and the Sun will get daily promotion for some of its stories in the station’s newscasts.

This type of partnership between news organizations with different corporate owners was common a few years ago, but many have since dissolved.  It would be interesting to find out what makes these partnerships work when they do and why they so often fall apart.


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  1. David Carr at Broadcasting & Cable did a bit more exploration of this topic. He reports on a 2008 research study that found “the number of newspapers who reported having a partnership with a television station rose to 34.6%, compared with 29% in the earlier [2005] study. But another 13% of the editors said they had tried working with a TV station but subsequently dropped the partnership.”

    Check out the full story here:

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