Powerful local TV Web sites

A short while ago, we published a post about some of the best newspaper Web sites; now here’s a look at some of the most heavily visited local TV sites.  Broadcasting & Cable reports that newspapers generally dominate local Web traffic, but there are exceptions.

According to “What Local Media Web Sites Earn: 2008 Survey,” recently released by Borrell Associates, sites for stations such as WMUR Manchester, N.H., KTHV Little Rock and KSL Salt Lake City are dramatically outperforming their market’s major newspaper sites in unique visitors.

A total of 14 local TV sites outperform the largest local newspaper in terms of traffic.  The article says the sites have a few things in common:

  • Strong video offerings
  • Innovative interactivity
  • Exhaustive weather coverage

The story goes on to point out the competitive advantage a local TV station’s meteorologists can provide online and the creative ways the most-visited sites are soliciting user-generated content.


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