Team building for producers

TV newscast producers may not think of themselves as leaders or managers, but the good ones are both. Even in the smallest stations, producers are team leaders. They have to work with anchors, directors, graphics and assignment editors to put together the best possible newscast. They also have to manage their time and resources wisely. It’s never an easy job, and it can seem overwhelming when you’re new at it, especially if many of the others on the team are more experienced.

Executive producer Holly Edgell of KOMU-TV in Columbia, Missouri, says producers get the best out of others by giving their best. She developed this advice for her producers, who are also her students at the University of Missouri School of Journalism:

Stay cool! Most of your colleagues want to do a good job. Few people are trying to make your life miserable, so be as professional as you can.

Educate! The best way for people to learn and NOT make the same mistakes is to take the time to teach them the right way to do things. If you can’t do it before the newscast, take a moment or two afterwards.

Constructive criticism. Give lots of it! And give positive feedback as well. This will let your peers know you want to see them succeed and foster loyalty.

More of Holly’s tips on “positive producing” (and a suggestion for an easy way to remember them) are available here.