Live in 3-D

A rugby match in Scotland made news this weekend, and not just because the Scots stomped the English 15-9. According to published reports, it was the first international sports event ever to be screened live in hi-def 3-D.

The London Times reports that the BBC beamed pictures to a studio in London, where an invited audience wearing 3-D glasses got an experience “almost as good as being at the game.” The BBC hopes to use the technology soon to beam events like the World Cup and Olympic Games live in 3-D to movie theaters. And that’s not all:

The technology will soon be accessible in viewers’ homes through a new generation of 3-D television screens that do not require special glasses. Philips has developed a prototype 132in 3-D TV that offers an “out of screen” experience. The first sets will be available for £10,000 this year.

If I’ve done the math right, that’s a paltry $20,000. Better place your order now.