Stay tuned for “State of the Media”

A must read for every journalist or anyone who cares about the profession is the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s annual State of the News Media Report. This will be the fifth year of the report, which is scheduled for release on March 17.

According to an email from PEJ’s director Tom Rosenstiel, this time around the report will include some new content:

  • A Year in the News, a comprehensive content analysis of 70,000 stories from 48 news outlets in five different media
  • A survey of a cross-section of journalists that reveals how they feel about the future of the profession
  • The view of the advertising industry from Madison Avenue
  • A content analysis study of 64 citizen media sites
  • Links to key industry statistics

Past reports have provided not only a snapshot of where the industry is now, but also informed predictions about what might happen in the year ahead. Whether you’re a newsroom veteran or a student journalist, you’ll want to mark your calendar and log on to for the 2008 State of the News Media report on March 17.


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