Who’s watching what online

According to a new study by Burst Media, Web users would rather watch professional video than user-generated content.  And the most popular type of online video is news.  The study found that almost 60% of users view online video at least once a week, and almost half of them (44%) cite news clips as their favorite content.   Music and comedy videos come in next, followed by TV shows, entertainment news and sports.  User-generated video trailed the pack at 15%.

Online video doesn’t just appeal to younger users, either.  The study says almost two-thirds of users over 65 have sampled online video.  But the most frequent viewers of online video are young and male, and their preferences are different.

Music videos literally rock with respondents 18-24 years, as over half (53.1%) say they seek it out online. Music is followed closely comedy video (46.9%), TV show video/clips (44.4%), and movie trailers/advertising (43.0%). Entertainment is also the most popular video content viewed by respondents 25-34 years. Beyond the age of 35 years, respondents clearly make news their leading choice of video content.

One other point about younger viewers of online video: they’re more tolerant than their elders of pre-roll ads.   More than half of all users dump out of a clip before the pre-roll is over, compared to about a third of 18-24 year olds.