Shooting in HD

High-definition television promises better images, brighter colors and more detail, so how does shooting in HD change the job of a photojournalist? Al’s Morning Meeting provided Q&A with two photojournalists who are currently working with high-definition video – Richard Adkins of WRAL-TV in Raleigh, N.C., and Manny Sotelo of KUSA-TV in Denver.

Some of the highlights:

  • The wider screen format makes keeping a horizon level a bit harder, especially when going hand-held.
  • More detail requires more caution. Be aware that small details, such as obscenities in background graffiti and credit card numbers on receipts, are much easier for you to inadvertently capture and for the viewer to read when shot in HD.
  • You may need to slow down the pacing of your editing to get maximum impact.
  • Great lighting stands out in HD and so does poor lighting. HD is not meant for low light levels and boosting the gain will just make the pictures look grainy and washed out.
  • Editing can take a bit longer since those HD files are huge. But these experts predict editing systems will soon catch up and it won’t be much of an issue in the future.

The full article offers some interesting comments on the use of 4:3 file video in a story shot in 16:9, how the “rule of thirds” is affected by HD and what reporters/anchors should know about using makeup in the HD format. Check it out.


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