Users want video

OK, so you’re wondering what’s the news here? We know people like video online. Well, the marketing and research firm, Horowitz & Associates, put out a news release this week that says 6 out of every 10 high-speed Internet subscribers watch or download video at least once a week. More than one third of them watches or dowloads news video at least once a week. What’s different is how much these views and dowloads have increased from 2006.


The study goes on to say that “while the consumption of broadband video has grown, the study shows that television is still the preferred platform for traditional TV content. ”

Still, take a look at more interesting data from the study:

Over one quarter (27%) of Internet users have a cell, iPod/MP3 player, or PDA with video capability, and an additional 23% do not have this capability but are interested in getting it.

Among those with video-enabled handheld devices, one-third (35%) watch video on their devices at least weekly and 62% do so at least monthly, translating to eighteen percent (18%) of Internet users overall who watch video content on a handheld device at least monthly. This figure is up from 8% just one year ago.

When we’re thinking video, it’s clear we have to think TV, Web and beyond.


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