Declaring war on errors

The founder of the Web site Regret the Error (slogan: Mistakes Happen), Craig Silverman, has a new book out by the same name. It’s not just a compendium of hilarious newspaper corrections, although there are plenty of them, including these winners:

* “We spelt Morecambe, the town in Lancashire, wrong again on page 2, G2, yesterday. We often do.” (The Guardian)

* “Mr. Smith said in court, ‘I am terribly sorry. I have a dull life and I suddenly wanted to break away.’ He did not say, as we reported erroneously, ‘I have a dull wife and I suddenly wanted to break away.’ We apologise to Mr. Smith, and to Mrs. Smith.” (Daily Mail)

As Carl Sessions Stepp’s review in American Journalism Review points out, Silverman’s book also offers a series of recommendations to improve accuracy.

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