Advice to young journalists

One of the most creative minds in online journalism belongs to a guy named Rob Curley, now with Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive. He’s been called an Internet pioneer, but he’s pretty old-fashioned when it comes to his message to young journalists.

Be able to write and report your ass off, and have a great mindset when it comes to how we might need to tell those stories — regardless of the current technology or methods of distribution. I believe in my heart that the key to being a successful journalist now (and in 25 years) will rest in a reporter’s ability to write well.

On his personal blog, Curley says his biggest problem with a lot of young journalists is that “so many of them have the crappiest attitudes on the planet.” He calls them “closed minded,” showing a disdain for new media that doesn’t make sense. Mind you, he’s talking mainly about print journalism grads, but he’s making an important point. Attitude counts for a lot–not just your work ethic but your openness to trying new things. Something to keep in mind.


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