Behind the scenes on Live at 5

mcginty.jpgWhat goes on off camera during a local newscast can be perfectly hilarious. Unfortunately, most stations don’t let us in on the fun. But anchor Derek McGinty at WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C., lifted the curtain recently on his blog “What the heck was that?

Sometimes the dearth of good material sparks creativity, and the newscast surpasses all expectations. Unfortunately, Wednesday July 25, the day before I was to go on vacation, was not one of those days. [Read on!]

McGinty says his blog is “just for fun” and his personality shines through in every entry. Unlike some blogger-anchors, he generally confines his comments to some aspect of his work, but he doesn’t take his job or himself too seriously. Know of any other blogs by local anchors or reporters that make for great reading? Help us compile a list.


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