Editing tips from one of the best

Josh Shea at NPPA workshop, October 2007Digital editing allows you to do amazing things with video, but the 2007 NPPA Editor of the Year urges editors to show restraint. Josh Shea of KCNC-TV in Denver was one of my fellow instructors at this year’s NPPF Airborne TV Seminar in Rochester, N.Y., and Des Moines, Iowa. His advice is simple: keep it simple. Pay attention to screen direction, avoid jump cuts, and don’t worry about developing an editing “style.”

I don’t have a style. Stories have a style…Good stories are not about me or the photographer. They’re about the people in the story.

Shea advocates what he calls “referencing” video, which he calls “the simplest way to make your story better.” What’s he talking about? Listen and learn.

TRT: 5:47


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