Webcast producing

Anyone who produces Webcasts or streams newscasts online might want to take a look at what ABC News is doing with its afternoon Webcast, called “World News.”  According to an article in the New York Times:

“It is intended in part for people who view Web pages on iPods and cellphones and ABC executives say they are deliberately aiming to please the 25-to-54-year-olds whom every news organization covets.

Every night there is a good dose of technology and pop culture coverage.  For instance, Google puts out a daily list of what it calls “rising searches” – search terms that are suddenly more popular among Web users.  And ABC producers select three to mention on the Webcast, usually in a one-minute segment.”

Jason Samuels is senior producer for digital content.  His advice to reporters?

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Simple graphics make complex stories clear

Kidney matchSimple graphics sometimes work better than highly-produced interactives when it comes to explaining a complicated process. The Wall Street Journal accompanied a story about kidney transplants with a series of four illustrations that walk users through the problems people often face when looking for a compatible donor. Using stick figures, arrows and very little text, the graphics clearly explain how “paired donations” can increase the number of successful transplants. Nice work.